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Student Fees Demo media coverage – Sensationalism at its best?

November 11, 2010 1 comment

Okay, so the media captured footage of carnage, rioting and downright foolish behaviour, forgetting what the intended message was and how the majority of peaceful protestors conveyed their message.

But is this because the media wanted to created sensationalism around the issue, creating hype and even more hysteria amongst the crowd. It is the biggest protest since the election of the new government and everyone has been waiting for a ‘democratic revolution’. Were the press just waiting to pounce on the demographic most likely to fall into that trap? The last time a Conservative Government was in power, protesting was about standing up for what you believe in, this hasn’t changed. Sadly, it’s a pattern that repeats itself over time, and the students have only fallen victim to the sensationalist culture of the UK’s press, thanks to a few minority.

Unfortunately guys, this is what it’s like living in a ConDem Nation… (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)